Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flowers Changing Colors

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Cute-rs! Are you interested in science stuff projects? A few experiment is really interesting for me. From simple to complex.

Below is an amazing observation, I saw this in Pinterest. I want to try this:

Instructions borrowed here:

What You Need:

  • Water
  • One or two clear jars or plastic containers
  • White carnations
  • Food coloring

What You Do:

  1. Fill a clear jar about halfway with water.
  2. Ask your child to choose a color. Add quite a lot of food coloring to the water jar. Your child can help with this if he wants to, but watch out for his clothes!
  3. Cut off several inches from the bottom of the stem of a white carnation and then ask your child to put it in the jar.
  4. Observe it every day to see if the food coloring can be seen in the petals.
  5. If you want to get fancy, use two jars and two colors, and split the carnation stem between the two jars of colored water. What happens to the petals?
I wonder if this works on other white flowers?


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