Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Do you believe in Ghosts? Oh yes, I am. As of this writing, I am watching "Ghosts - Is it Real?" at National Geographic Channel. This gives me an idea what to write on my blog.

When we talk about ghosts, it means the spirit of the dead. Not the demon but a human being's soul lurking in the world of the living. There are people who don't believe in ghosts, that's ok, it's their right. For me, I know there are ghosts.

It started out when I was in College. I can see spirits. There is a boy, an old woman, a young girl and sometimes I can only see their feet. Not only I can see them, but I can also hear them. Aside from vision and hearing, I can also sense ghosts through smell. Often the smell is related to the person who died, somehow, the smell is significant. And just one smell, you'll it's that particular person is there.

Years passed and the experience never happened again. -- and I am relieved!

When someone dies, I know they visits us in our dreams too. Last year my best friend died. It was such a painful experience for me. I was in her bedside when she died. After her death I grieved for months. And in my dreams she visited me. She told me "I love you Best Friend" -- then she left. I interpreted my dream of her saying her last goodbye to me. She died of Breast Cancer by the way.

In our dreams or in our awake state of mind. I know one way or the other spirits try to catch our attention.

However, even though my experience for ghosts has subsided, there is this one ghost who never fail to visit me on my birthday. July is my birth month. And during this month this ghosts never cease to made me feel his presence. I know it's the spirit of my dad.

July of 2011, I felt someone pulled the back of my shirt. I looked back, but there is no one there.

My featured photo above is Brown Lady of Raynham Hall taken by Captain Hubert C. Provand. This said Brown Lady is hunting Raynham Hall in Norfolk. This photo is taken in 1936. Since then this photo has became famous.

According to the legend, the Brown Lady is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole who died in 1726 due to smallpox. There is a story behind her life in Raynham Hall which caused her suffering and pain. Maybe, there is an unfinished business for her that is why she can't move on.

Talking about moving on. There are spirits who rests, while others like to visit around familiar places and people. I heard that often, spirits lurk to the place where is most special to them. Like their home.

So, are you scared now? --- 'coz I am. =P

Pray before you sleep Cute-rs!

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