Sunday, April 22, 2012

Childhood Food L♥ve!

When I was a child, there is this one candy that I really like. "Gummy Bears" The first time I tasted one I felt heaven! -- did I say heaven? LOL! Give me a break I'm just a little kid back then.

During those times, our place is far from the store that sells Gummy Bear, in fact it's not common since it's imported. We call candies imported if they are not made from our country. In my case, in the Philippines, they don't have gummy bears available in the local market. So imagine how difficult it is for me to eat gummy bears?!

But not anymore! Philippines has an abundant supply of imported candies and other imported goods now a days. And the good news, I can buy gummy bears as much as I want!

The time came when gummy bear is not my favorite candy anymore. Since I've got so many to choose from. But that doesn't mean that I don't eat gummy bears anymore...

How about you Cute-rs, what is your childhood favorite candy?


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