Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why We Love Who We Love

It's a question no one can answer quite well. Some feelings are hard to describe, and this feeling of LOVE is one of them. Loving a person doesn't need a reason for doing so. It just happens. A feeling you can't command nor deny.

How hard you should try you can never hide it. It's a feeling we can't explain why it happen to a person. It is a feeling of great happiness, yet often times it hurts...

We love who we love because they bring out the best in us. They give us sense of security. They give us reasons to go on with life. They give us meaning of surviving. They give us something to look forward to in every morning that we wake-up. They give us life...

Love has different faces. We feel different kinds of love for different kinds of people. Below love, there is friendship. Love, founded by friendship has strong foundation. Love grows and develops. We love our parents without being taught. We love our friends because we choose to. We love someone so special without knowing. The third kind of love is difficult to acknowledge. First there will be doubt and fear. Doubt that he might not love you back, and fear that at the end up being hurt. It is always worth the risk to take on love. I believe that...

What ever happen it is best to love than not at all. It is better to love then lost than nothing at all. In the end we always learn from the experiences we've had. Then hold on to the faith that true love will come. We may fail at first to look for love. The conclusion, we should never look for love, let love look for you. Let love finds its way to you. Love comes like a thief in the night, where you least expect it. That the mystery of how love works. Love works magically. At the end of finding love, we are expected to cherish the feeling. We should take care of that person, because he is a gift given to us by God to love.

How wonderful it is to be loved and to love in return...The feeling is so great that it cannot be brought or bargain for. Love is given freely without doubt and unconditionally. The greatest feeling a person can feel. You are not a person if you don't feel love at all. Each person love, although differently, yet we feel love. No matter on what degree of love, but the important is we feel it.

We love who we love us because they complete us. In a very busy world like this, there is someone who will match with the description that he is the perfect match for us...We love who we love because we choose to do it and that gives us satisfaction and the most wonderful feeling we can feel.

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