Monday, May 08, 2006

How is She?

Few years back I met this young girl. Because of her life's situation she needed to get a job regardless of her age. She became our house maid. She's 14 then. I felt pity for her. I was surprise that inspite of her age she is fully aware of how poor life can be. How poverty affect their lives. She mature quickly...I think too quickly that she is forgetting how to be young and free of so much worry in life. She wanted to be is by choice. She acted like 18...well; she wanted to act like 18. She knows how to put on make-up, she knows how to dress seductively and she knows a lot of things about the opposite sex already. That gives me the creeps because at that was so simple to me. No malice and no worries. We were 2 different persons at the age of 14. Going back...I can't blame her. She was not to blame, her environment speaks for it. As days passed by she started to talk about her, her life and her ambitions. That's how I learned the real person in her. And how she became to be...She was full of dreams and ambitions, which I think at that moment was good, because I knew that with her ambitions she can able to act upon reaching her goals. She is a very determined young girl. She knows what she want out of life already. She wanted to make a difference with her life. If she would live her life again she will never choose her present life-definitely. At her early age she already knew what made them like that...As a young girl she's not ugly at all. She has charm to use. And she knew that quite well. For one her ambition is to go and work at Japan. The most "easiest" way to become rich. I said easiest because for people like her it is the only way they knew how to fulfill their dreams.

At the age of 16 she entered the Club. She was told that this is her only stepping stone to reach Japan. In this place she is taught how to dance, mingle with customers, drink some lady's drink, entertain spectators and dress accordingly. She was trilled with the new happening in her life. We never loose communication. She told me almost everything that happened to her. Her experiences and her feelings regarding her new job. She also found friends...whom at the latter was not friends after all. At the age of 17 she got pregnant. She was pregnant by a married man. She was devastated; she didn't know what to do. She thought of doing an abortion, but she didn't. Her life was a mess. She didn't know where to run. She stayed with me again for 2 months. I accepted her. She gave birth only with the "hilot" alone to accompany her. Her family was not with her. She was basically alone. I pity her. During those times that she was still earning high her family was with her. Now that she's not earning anymore they are gone. That was so sad. At first the man responsible for her pregnancy gave her financial support, but later on she was forsaken. She went home to her family, leave the baby for them to take care and she continue her work at the Club. I knew right then that she was never happy with what is happening to her life. It saddens her that her dream to work for Japan will never happen anymore...She's always telling me that she love her baby so much...(I wish it is true). All I can give her is my prayer.

At the moment, at the age of 18, she is still working at the Club at San Pablo Laguna. She is taking care of her baby alone. She needs money to support her baby and her self. She is far from her family, and I think that's what she really wanted. To live alone with her daughter. The father of her baby is gone...No help either. She is currently involved with a guy, married and had a child. What a life! She really never learn. As fort he record, this guy is now separated with his wife and that is because of her. I don't know if she knew what she is doing. I don't know if she can differentiate the right from wrong. I was disappointed. She treated me as friend and I did the same for her. There was a time where I was fed off. I let her go, I didn't communicate with her anymore. But she is always reaching for me. I knew right then she needed someone to talk to. And so again I offer my friendship to her. She has no one she considers as friend. She knew she was alone. She can't depend on her family or anyone. That is why she is confiding on me, only I she trust that much. And so again, I welcomed her. I felt sad with what happened in her life. I guess there is nothing I can do but watch. Before I though she was listening to my advice...well maybe at first. But as she grew she never listen to anyone anymore. At the moment I am not giving her anymore advice. I just listen to everything she says without comment. I let her be. She doesn't need anyone anymore. I knew what she need me was a Friend whom she could talk to and is willing to listen.

I pray that someday she will learn about all the mistakes she have done. And hopefully she will not repeat her mistakes anymore (I doubt!). She's still young, she's 18 years old. She still has too much to learn, too much to experience and too much to see through life. Her journey is just at the beginning. I hope that one day through her journey she meet God. I'm not loosing hope, she still have a greater chance to change her life. God is most welcome to accept her.

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