Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers are special people...the love they give is the greatest love a person can give. She is the perfect example of love, sacrifices, tolerance, patience etc...A mother always knows best...yup! Very old saying but definitely true. A mother would always want the best for her child and make sure she will give it to her. Often times, we misunderstood our mothers. Often times, we take them for granted. Often times we don't give her the love and attention she deserves. It hurt her, but she never mention anything to us. She accepts us as who we are, no matter how we cause her pain, still she has her love ready to give. She always understands us, she will never forsake us either. The love she is giving her child is the ultimate affection we can get from a human being. She knows us too much that she never complains about anything we can and can't give. A mother always loves her child for she is sure that this child came from her. She's always there when we need them, even if we don't need them she is always there. As a mother aged, her child became a parent, then the mother became a grandmother. Even if she is already a grandmother she never stops to be a mother...All her life she devoted to be a mother. All her life she will be a mother to her child who's age is 50 or more...A mother can never say no to being a mother. There's no retirement for being a mother, no vacation leave, not even sick leave. Being a mother is not a career but a choice she made just for YOU. She chooses you above anything and anyone. She can choose not to be a mother but a successful career woman, yet even as a career woman she is a mother first. Before she can be anything she is a mother first for you. That's how big her love is. And for sure, a mother always enjoys what she is doing because you give her so much joy in just taking care of you. You complete her...Every minute every second of her life she is a mother the moment she give birth. Only a woman who gave birth performs miracle. The miracle of giving life. Only she has the power to give and share life. The greatest miracle performer of all time...Mothers! This month we give honor, recognition and celebration to our mothers. I pray that even though it’s not the month of May, we may still continue to honor, give live and attention, give recognition and celebrate the existence of our mothers in our lives. For being a mother is not only a 1 month responsibility but all through life. We can never thank our mother for the gift of life, not the word thank you is enough. The smallest thing we can do is by giving her love in return. A simple gesture of love will make her the happiest person. A mother never want extravagant gifts, only your love, affection and attention is more that enough. How she knew who loved her is always enough. Love not only the feeling but it should come with actions. We show her our love. During birthdays, special holidays be there for her. Even on an ordinary day...just be there...beside her...and that would be more than enough even without the words.

To all the mothers out there...Happy Mothers Day! God Bless...

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