Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci Code, the movie

May 18, Da Vince Code, the movie was shown all over the world. Before they finally come to conclusion that this will be shown there are a lot of issues. Many oppose to this movie for public viewing. There are a lot of reasons. But I think it boils to one reason only...Faith! Those who have watched this film might have an effect on their faith. Some might question Christianity. Some might wonder if what the movie shown was true. And so many questions might rise. In the end it will only have YOUR decision. No film can actually dictate what we can believe or not. No film should interfere with our Faith in God. This I firmly believe that our faith should not be base on films or such. But base on our knowledge of him...Our faith is stronger than that of film can show. Or what we might read on papers or books. Faith cannot be bought and so our dignity.

I've read Da Vince Code, the book, by Dan Brown. And I'm planning to watch Da Vinci Code, the movie. No harm done inside. My faith is still intact. I believe in Jesus Christ as our savior. I believe in God as our creator and I believe in the Holy Ghost. My belief doesn't change a bit. It is my choice.

For those people who want to stop this movie...well it's their belief shaken not mine. To those people who will watch then question God or Jesus Christ...well again it’s their belief questioned too not mine. We are old enough to know. We are old enough to stand on what we believe in. Have faith...God is good...God never commits mistakes, God is always right!

We should not make so much issue out of this movie. It just a movie, it may strengthen your faith or it may loosen your faith its up to you. If we let any thing like this affect our lives then we are weak Christian...Our faith should not be shaken only by a mere movie. God is real and so is our faith. IN MY OPINION MOVIES ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT. ON HOW YOU WILL ACCEPT THE OUTCOME OF THIS MOVIE IS UP TO YOU. MY FAITH IS SACRED WITH OR WITHOUT DA VINCI CODE...SO WHY BOTHER?

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