Monday, April 17, 2006

Scorpion people

I was told by some credible people that scorpion people are "not good people" at all. Only in the beginning they will show you good things about themselves. But as you grow old with these "scorpion people" they became bad actually. Scorpio is a zodiac sign. Those born from October 23-November 21 are under this sign. And they are the great scorpion people. They said, they are not good at treating people, especially their family. They sometimes physically and emotionally hurt you. Their treatment of you is painful. These people who told me this are witnesses. They themselves are hurt by these people. One of them have a scorpion kid and a scorpion husband. 2 times the pain and double the hurt she gets. I was a witness my self too, I knew these people they are talking about. And I knew them first hand. I witnessed how the husband treat the wife. It sadden me personally.

Does zodiac sign really affect these people? Does it have something to do with the moon and the stars while you were born or the time and date you were born? I can't figure that out myself. I'm not an expert on this kind. But I don't know what I was witnessing. I know that 4 people are not enough to judge those people born under this sign. But they all have the same common factor...they are all not so good people. Yet the good part...1 of them is very close to me and the other 1 is trusting me completely with the story of her life.

I want to believe that the characteristics of a people vary differently. We all have different thinking, views and personality. I am different and so are you. I may be bad in some aspect, and so are you. Nobody is perfect and nobody is a saint. Maybe these 4 people are just a victim of fate. It is only coincidental that they are not so good people...

For the record...these 4 people mentioned here maybe bad to the majority. BUT still they are good in some aspect. In some ways they have a good heart inside. Although majority of the people around them found them not so good. They are sometimes victim of the cruelty these people showed them. They are sometimes snubbed and they don't treat this people equally. My personal experience they are all good to me. So it is really difficult to judge these people. I don't like to judge them.

They have a heart, they love, they feel. But they don't show all these feelings to everybody. Outside they are strong, hard-headed and cruel. This is how they manage their lives.

This scorpion boy I know is nearing adulthood. So hard-headed. What he feel like doing he will do it anyway. This scorpion man...treatment to his family is below average...He is good to his friends but not to his family. So sad...

The people who told me the tale of their fate is real. They are the ones who experience the bad actions caused by these scorpion people. And so they strongly believe that people born under this sign are bad people. They don't want to be near these people, and they don't want to do anything with them either. For them it can be anyone but not the scorpion people.

Whatever your zodiac sign may be, whatever month or year you are born it doesn't matter really. What matter most is your personality, how well are you with the people around you. How good are you with these people. How you care, how you love your family, and how you treat your family especially. It is YOU that matter most. It is only YOU who will answer to all your actions...not the zodiacs and not the moon and the stars. It is YOUR responsibility of being a person. How well are you as a human being...

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