Monday, April 17, 2006

drifting away...

Few years ago...actually many years ago, my cousin are still so young. Nothing matter to them, all they want to do is play. Years gone by, The things they wanted to do and learn doubled. They started to have friends (barkada) and they started to have these girl friends...(as in girl na friend). As of the moment, seem like so sudden, one of them already have a girlfriend. The whole thing is new to everybody. All he ever want to do is to stay beside the girl. Often times they forget that they still have families. And families should be together sometime. But all they want to think about is themselves. They started to cross some line. They spent the New Year together...and this disappoint us all. For family should be together this holiday season. And for such special occasion you should spend it with your family. I believe they are still too young to spend all the time in the world together. And this actions made by them is annoying. I started not to like the girl. Courtesy should be executed. Respect to the family as well. I believe also that this guy cousin of mine is not showing some love and respect to her mother. He is forgetting his role as a son to his mom. He is not yet an adult, he need his parents for supervision but he is not listening. In spite all these, I still am thankful that he is not doing bad vices. He doesn't smoke and doesn't drink (I still crosses my fingers on this). And hopefully it will not occur to him to do so. And with all this happening, I believe that he is drifting away from us...from this family.

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