Thursday, April 27, 2006


About 70-80% of married couple experienced the problem of having a third party. Often times it is the male who have a relationship outside marriage. And the bad thing is, the girl they have a relation to are half of their age. Its like the male are 50 years old and the girls are 23-25 years of age.

WARNING: This kind of relationship ruins the family.!!! And it resolve to a broken home...

I hate this setup...well who doesn't? What does adultery really means? The common synonym for adultery is infidelity as well as unfaithfulness or cheating. When the man cheats his wife he is committing adultery. And it is now punishable by law. Men by nature are polygamous as they say. And men found hundreds of reasons to cheat.
Top 10 reason why men cheat:
10. his lady doesn't put him up
9. his wife cheated on him first
8. it's challenging and exciting
7. he can get away with it
6. it boosts his ego
5. the opportunity was there
4. his wife is a nag
3. his wife let him
2. his wife doesn't turn him on anymore
1. he don't love her anymore...
See...only 10 among the hundred reasons why men did cheat on their partner. But the male are loosing the bigger picture here...the most affected of all are their children. It break their heart seeing their parents fight and eventually got divorced. Most of the time the men or the women who commits adultery think only of themselves. What can make them happy and what they want to do with their lives. They are forgetting the people they might have a great affect to. How their actions caused problems with their children. No child ever wished that his parents be separated. He hate that set-up. But then who to blame?

Is it the men, the wife or the mistress? Adultery is never a one-way thing. It works both ways, the men committed a mistake yet the wife may have a few mistakes of her own too. In all cases of adultery it differ. You can not entirely blame the male nor the female alone. Both should compromise. Talk how things come to this. And I'm sure you will be able to find the answer right under your noses.

As for the mistress...I strongly believe she also did one huge mistake...committing herself to a married man. And it is clearly written on the ten commandment of the Lord, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife/husband". So we can never say it is only the Male's fault but rather hers too. She is on her right mind when she did this kind of thing. She is in her proper thinking that "hey wait! this guy is married!" So it is in her mind that she is committing a sin right that instant. And as her moral in concerned, she must not engage herself to this kind of commitment. It is her fault too. It is her doing that make her wrong.

Adultery is not normal. I never think that committing such thing is a normal thing for couples. It is never right to think this way. It is wrong. And it is a SIN. Whatever your reasons are...the hell with your reasons! It is always wrong.

My life is not perfect...but I am speaking for myself that adultery is a SIN and should be avoided by all cause. If you love your partner, if you love your kids, if you love God then you will never do such a thing. This is my best opinion regarding adultery. A married person that is being unfaithful to his/her partner is committing adultery. And in the rule of life cheating was never a good practice. Cheating can burn your soul to hell.

If you don't love your partner anymore...break the relationship. It will never ease the pain but it will save you from committing sin. If you fell out of love (which is not impossible) be honest. Let go, let her/him go. The pain will eventually die down and you'll never know, maybe you can be better off as friends. In talking with your partner a lot of things can and may happen. Either you'll go or you'll stay. And in your conversation put GOD in the middle, so both of you can come up with the best solution. Just be honest, talk with your partner, let go then move on. And it is never wrong to find a new love again. IN MY OPINION, ANY RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS, LIFE IS COMPOSED OF LOTS OF PROBLEMS. IT IS A MATTER OF HOW WE HANDLE THESE PROBLEMS. ADULTERY IS ONE FACE A PROBLEM HAS. AND IN MY BEST OPINION...IT IS VERY WRONG TO CHEAT ON YOUR PARTNER...NEVER!

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