Thursday, April 27, 2006


About 70-80% of married couple experienced the problem of having a third party. Often times it is the male who have a relationship outside marriage. And the bad thing is, the girl they have a relation to are half of their age. Its like the male are 50 years old and the girls are 23-25 years of age.

WARNING: This kind of relationship ruins the family.!!! And it resolve to a broken home...

I hate this setup...well who doesn't? What does adultery really means? The common synonym for adultery is infidelity as well as unfaithfulness or cheating. When the man cheats his wife he is committing adultery. And it is now punishable by law. Men by nature are polygamous as they say. And men found hundreds of reasons to cheat.
Top 10 reason why men cheat:
10. his lady doesn't put him up
9. his wife cheated on him first
8. it's challenging and exciting
7. he can get away with it
6. it boosts his ego
5. the opportunity was there
4. his wife is a nag
3. his wife let him
2. his wife doesn't turn him on anymore
1. he don't love her anymore...
See...only 10 among the hundred reasons why men did cheat on their partner. But the male are loosing the bigger picture here...the most affected of all are their children. It break their heart seeing their parents fight and eventually got divorced. Most of the time the men or the women who commits adultery think only of themselves. What can make them happy and what they want to do with their lives. They are forgetting the people they might have a great affect to. How their actions caused problems with their children. No child ever wished that his parents be separated. He hate that set-up. But then who to blame?

Is it the men, the wife or the mistress? Adultery is never a one-way thing. It works both ways, the men committed a mistake yet the wife may have a few mistakes of her own too. In all cases of adultery it differ. You can not entirely blame the male nor the female alone. Both should compromise. Talk how things come to this. And I'm sure you will be able to find the answer right under your noses.

As for the mistress...I strongly believe she also did one huge mistake...committing herself to a married man. And it is clearly written on the ten commandment of the Lord, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife/husband". So we can never say it is only the Male's fault but rather hers too. She is on her right mind when she did this kind of thing. She is in her proper thinking that "hey wait! this guy is married!" So it is in her mind that she is committing a sin right that instant. And as her moral in concerned, she must not engage herself to this kind of commitment. It is her fault too. It is her doing that make her wrong.

Adultery is not normal. I never think that committing such thing is a normal thing for couples. It is never right to think this way. It is wrong. And it is a SIN. Whatever your reasons are...the hell with your reasons! It is always wrong.

My life is not perfect...but I am speaking for myself that adultery is a SIN and should be avoided by all cause. If you love your partner, if you love your kids, if you love God then you will never do such a thing. This is my best opinion regarding adultery. A married person that is being unfaithful to his/her partner is committing adultery. And in the rule of life cheating was never a good practice. Cheating can burn your soul to hell.

If you don't love your partner anymore...break the relationship. It will never ease the pain but it will save you from committing sin. If you fell out of love (which is not impossible) be honest. Let go, let her/him go. The pain will eventually die down and you'll never know, maybe you can be better off as friends. In talking with your partner a lot of things can and may happen. Either you'll go or you'll stay. And in your conversation put GOD in the middle, so both of you can come up with the best solution. Just be honest, talk with your partner, let go then move on. And it is never wrong to find a new love again. IN MY OPINION, ANY RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS, LIFE IS COMPOSED OF LOTS OF PROBLEMS. IT IS A MATTER OF HOW WE HANDLE THESE PROBLEMS. ADULTERY IS ONE FACE A PROBLEM HAS. AND IN MY BEST OPINION...IT IS VERY WRONG TO CHEAT ON YOUR PARTNER...NEVER!

A confused wife...

An old friend of mine was having difficulty with her married life. They are married for I think about less than 5 years now. These is the period where they are now experiencing fights. Some are small fights some are huge fights. To what extent is the huge fight that I don't know. As far as her stories are concerned last December was the worst one. It was a huge fight according to her. There are exchange of words that hurt both of them. And that is the point they brought about "separation". It is not an easy topic to discuss. To cut the long story short, they made it after the fight still holding on together. Days pass, and maybe just maybe, their are still fights in between. Then one day, I received a text message. She said she was hurt and sad. They had a fight again...then the separation thing came again. And she thought that she is loosing the battle. Of course I told her to fight for the marriage. I strongly believe that fights among married couple are normal. Two different people together in one house living together as one. For sure there would be a lot of misunderstanding along the way. The relationship was never easy. Both need to do their best to save the love they have for one another. I knew that love binds them and I don't believe that a few fight should ruin everything. But then again, I told her only SHE can decide. Only SHE can know what she really feels. And only SHE can do what she think and feel is the best for them or for her for that matter.

Once I heard about "7 years itch". Its about 7 years of complete adjustment. 7 years for both the husband and the wife to really get to know each other. And 7 years of many fights, misunderstandings, petty quarrel etc...But after the 7 years, then it will be alright. Alright only IF, you are able to cope up with the undertakings of your marriage. And only IF both of you fight for your marriage and your love. And only then you can surpass the test. The text of the 7 years itch. 7 years itch is not all true to all couples. Some couple can adjust easily, it took them only 3 years to get to know each other. Some lasted for 5 years. But surely, every couple experience bad days sometime in their married life. Whatever you call's all a test. To test your patience with your partner. To test your love for one another. And only true love manage to succeed.

One thing I want to remind her. "No one is better than the one you have." So never run to someone for comfort. Only you and your partner can solve your problem. Anyway...going back to my friend, I also told her that I am hoping for her peace of mind. That she and her husband would patch things up. It is never too late to kiss and make up. It is always the right time to reconcile. It is always the right time to renew the love again. And whatever her decision maybe, it will never be wrong. I am always here for her as a friend. I know that she is really confused right now. With all the fight and the pain that she is undergoing through right is normal to feel lost and confused. Confused...that what I think of her now. She is hurt and lonely. Nobody wants her life to experience this kind of problem. Nobody like problems that got to do with marriage. It hurt us the most if the problem involves someone we truly love. Before her kids...its her husband first. And vice versa. Confusion sometimes lead to hate then betrayal and so on...I hope the confusion will not create a damage as big as to lead them to separation. But as a person who believes in true love, I still have my fingers-crossed that everything would turn out just fine. Not today maybe, but the days to come. It will all come to pass one day.

I was never an expert to any kind of problem. But base on my experiences and base on my way of thinking I know that at one point I know I am right.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Summer Time

Summer Time is real here. Everywhere you go you can feel the heat of the summer. It's so hot! Would it be so nice to hang on the beach, have a few splash here and there. Eat under the sun with all the ihaw foods. Of course I can't miss to have salted egg and ensaladang! I think that would be perfect!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Dream

I have a new dream...and I just wish this new dream would definitely come through...I pray that God would give me this one thing I am asking him now.......they say dreams are free of charge, I believe that. So it will never hurt to dream...I wish upon a star..........*sigh*

Monday, April 17, 2006

Scorpion people

I was told by some credible people that scorpion people are "not good people" at all. Only in the beginning they will show you good things about themselves. But as you grow old with these "scorpion people" they became bad actually. Scorpio is a zodiac sign. Those born from October 23-November 21 are under this sign. And they are the great scorpion people. They said, they are not good at treating people, especially their family. They sometimes physically and emotionally hurt you. Their treatment of you is painful. These people who told me this are witnesses. They themselves are hurt by these people. One of them have a scorpion kid and a scorpion husband. 2 times the pain and double the hurt she gets. I was a witness my self too, I knew these people they are talking about. And I knew them first hand. I witnessed how the husband treat the wife. It sadden me personally.

Does zodiac sign really affect these people? Does it have something to do with the moon and the stars while you were born or the time and date you were born? I can't figure that out myself. I'm not an expert on this kind. But I don't know what I was witnessing. I know that 4 people are not enough to judge those people born under this sign. But they all have the same common factor...they are all not so good people. Yet the good part...1 of them is very close to me and the other 1 is trusting me completely with the story of her life.

I want to believe that the characteristics of a people vary differently. We all have different thinking, views and personality. I am different and so are you. I may be bad in some aspect, and so are you. Nobody is perfect and nobody is a saint. Maybe these 4 people are just a victim of fate. It is only coincidental that they are not so good people...

For the record...these 4 people mentioned here maybe bad to the majority. BUT still they are good in some aspect. In some ways they have a good heart inside. Although majority of the people around them found them not so good. They are sometimes victim of the cruelty these people showed them. They are sometimes snubbed and they don't treat this people equally. My personal experience they are all good to me. So it is really difficult to judge these people. I don't like to judge them.

They have a heart, they love, they feel. But they don't show all these feelings to everybody. Outside they are strong, hard-headed and cruel. This is how they manage their lives.

This scorpion boy I know is nearing adulthood. So hard-headed. What he feel like doing he will do it anyway. This scorpion man...treatment to his family is below average...He is good to his friends but not to his family. So sad...

The people who told me the tale of their fate is real. They are the ones who experience the bad actions caused by these scorpion people. And so they strongly believe that people born under this sign are bad people. They don't want to be near these people, and they don't want to do anything with them either. For them it can be anyone but not the scorpion people.

Whatever your zodiac sign may be, whatever month or year you are born it doesn't matter really. What matter most is your personality, how well are you with the people around you. How good are you with these people. How you care, how you love your family, and how you treat your family especially. It is YOU that matter most. It is only YOU who will answer to all your actions...not the zodiacs and not the moon and the stars. It is YOUR responsibility of being a person. How well are you as a human being...

drifting away...

Few years ago...actually many years ago, my cousin are still so young. Nothing matter to them, all they want to do is play. Years gone by, The things they wanted to do and learn doubled. They started to have friends (barkada) and they started to have these girl friends...(as in girl na friend). As of the moment, seem like so sudden, one of them already have a girlfriend. The whole thing is new to everybody. All he ever want to do is to stay beside the girl. Often times they forget that they still have families. And families should be together sometime. But all they want to think about is themselves. They started to cross some line. They spent the New Year together...and this disappoint us all. For family should be together this holiday season. And for such special occasion you should spend it with your family. I believe they are still too young to spend all the time in the world together. And this actions made by them is annoying. I started not to like the girl. Courtesy should be executed. Respect to the family as well. I believe also that this guy cousin of mine is not showing some love and respect to her mother. He is forgetting his role as a son to his mom. He is not yet an adult, he need his parents for supervision but he is not listening. In spite all these, I still am thankful that he is not doing bad vices. He doesn't smoke and doesn't drink (I still crosses my fingers on this). And hopefully it will not occur to him to do so. And with all this happening, I believe that he is drifting away from us...from this family.


After the Holy Week I AM BACK. My Tita and cousins stayed at home. We chat, eat and laugh almost all the time. At night we would stroll around the block...just to walk. We would stay at a mini park and sit there for an hour. There we would talk like endlessly. We joked and we told stories. We reminisced our past. We slept together; we ate together and stayed up late. (At least it was late for them, but not for me). It was sure fun to have them around. My cousin,Jac, would play with the computer. Ate Gjorg will play with Shagne. I really had a wonderful time. It was short but it was all worth it. Again, I will wait for another holiday to come and for us to be together once more...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

away for a while

I'll be gone for a few days, my cousins and aunt will be staying for the holy week. I'll be busy busy busy! As early as now, I'm so excited. I'll be gone only in my blogs for I can't write here for a few days. As I've said I'll be very busy and also my cousins will be taking over this pc for a while. They will be very busy playing here too. So...till my next not so busy day can I write here again...Tadah!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I am mesmerized by the book I am reading right now. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. The story is nice, some mystery type of a book. I will review more of this after I finish. I wish to finish immediately, because I want to know what will happen at the end. Of course I want to know the whole story. But my wish of finishing immediately will be a little off-hand. This week is holy week and we'll be having lots of visitors. So my wanting of reading more will suddenly put aside. Of course I have to entertain our relatives who'll be coming over for a few days. I'm gladly to welcome them.

One Cousin...

I have this one cousin of mine...who thinks her life is going down the drain. I, as always, try to console her. I told her that she is still to young to think that her life is a failure. Yes, she committed a mistake before...well who doesn't? Everybody makes mistakes one way or the other...And I had to tell her that I was once made that mistake too. Her life now is temporary...for the sun will shine again soon. But a question no one can answer. As much as I want to tell her that her miserable life would be over in about a week...well that would be impossible. She maybe experiencing a bad life at the moment but I know deep down that her life would change. Every life changes. Everybody is given a chance to change. We are not stuck with this lifetime. One way or the other God will provide a new road for us. And I believe her life and my life and your life will change eventually. I pity the feelings she is feeling right now. The time when she cries at night and the moment she felt hopeless and unworthy. She is too young for this grievances. But I knew no ones is too young for such an experience. And God will not give this kind of burden to her that she can't handle. I never fail to tell her that. I wish that life would not be too cruel for her...but I guess I don't have the right to question God's doing for her...I know better. I know that God has a plan...He always have a plan for everybody. Yet I felt that she is loosing her touch...I just hope she hold on just a little longer for the pain will soon go away...I just know...

Friday, April 07, 2006

One fine day

A day had past for us. One fine, happy and busy day...Hope some of you felt happy today and always...I said some because not all can be happy at all times. There are moments that sadness sink in. Yet, life is still beautiful and worth living for. Just wait till the sun comes shining again. Everyday is a new day, just like this one for me and my family. Everyday is a different day...I just love each passing day...

Have a nice day people!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life is a Piece of Cake

Life is simple yet complicated. Life is painted in black and white. Yet Life can be filled with more colors. Life is like a box of chocolate you'll never know what you'll get. Life is like a blank canvas, you are the painter of your own picture. Life is like a blank peice of paper, you are the source of your own information. Life is like a book and you are the author of your own story. Life is like you and is different in all sorts of way, Life depends on whose life you are living. And LIFE is what we make it. And I made mine worth living...because life is a piece of cake.


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